During this challenging time, one word that keeps coming back, again and again, describing business and leaders character across the globe is RESILIENCE. In true sense – resilience relates to the ability of a material to absorb energy and release that energy as it returns to its original shape. The “recovery” some people have to ‘spring’ back into shape following a period of stress. RESILIENCE in people as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”. Having the power to cope/perform under extreme pressure, work well through times of challenge or change and bounce back following disappointing setbacks. How well do we maintain focus, optimism, and the energy levels needed to keep striving for a challenging goal? What impact does our mindset and behavior have on our teams when we are under a lot of pressure? The simple reality is if we are struggling to cope or keep going, chances are our team is feeling it too. When attitudes and behaviors become destructive or unproductive, a team’s capacity to collaborate and reach their collective potential is dramatically undermined and impacted. Leaders are wise to invest in developing their own resilience as well as that of their team members. Among the most important first step is to nurture a strong relationship/bonding across the group. Trust and respect are at the heart of people’s ability to battle through tough times together. When people believe their leader and colleagues are capable and trustworthy, they are entirely more likely to feel confident in the pursuit of challenging objectives. Most of us take steps to build confidence unconsciously, though there is no harm in approaching to build confidence at the individual resource level as needed. With a clear view of our strengths, both capability and character-related, people are more likely to maintain belief, optimism, and ultimately a ‘can-do’ attitude when under a lot of pressure. Manage stress by expecting every team member to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Lead by example and demonstrate how the team can maintain balance irrespective of the workload demands of their role. While it matters that team members dig deep and keep striving, so does taking the time needed to rest and re-energize. Simply slogging through is unlikely to get us to where we need to be. Recognize that energy is the vital fuel that enables individuals to think, feel, and behave successfully. We at Accel equip our team with the problem-solving skills they need to work through the complexity and identify practical solutions. We are here to help and guide them proactively. Resilience talks a lot about the individual irrespective of the role or position they hold. The current situation is testing the limits at every level. Once all this is over and it will.. we will come out more strong mentally and our resilience to cope with future challenges will be stronger.
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